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Established in 2010 and designed by 4X world champion and Hall of Fame team roper Allen Bach, the Smarty family of training products have been developed to help you train like a pro and win like a champion. Realistic, easy to maneuver, and made to the highest quality standards.


Smarty brings the Spirit of Excellence to your roping. By using our uniquely designed suite of training products, you're joining an elite group of champion ropers that train and practice just as hard as they compete. There’s a champion inside us all - find it with Smarty products.

If it's not a Smarty, it's just a dummy! 


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Meet Allen Bach

Take a few minutes and learn all about our founder, Allen Bach, and the Smarty story.

My training program mostly consists of getting young rope horses started, as well as correcting and finishing older ones.  I had several kinds of roping dummies all lined up in the arena for use but I quickly learned the Smarty was the only one they would actually read and rate like real cattle.  There is something very unique about the way the horses can translate distance, speed and timing from the Smarty.   I could only feel that in my horses on the Smarty roping dummy so it is the only one I have used for years now.  it makes a tremendous difference since nothing changes between the Smarty and live cattle no matter how fast or slow you go. Smarty is a fixture in my day to day training program."

– Shane Rudibaugh
Weatherford, Texas   

Photo credit: Team Roping Journal


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