Who is Allen Bach?

How does a veteran win year after year with a variety of different partners? They rope like Allen Bach -  sharp and smart. With years analyzing every situation, asking others for feedback, and becoming an expert on all the variables that can affect your run, Allen knew he couldn’t keep his winning knowledge to himself. 

That’s why Allen decided to take 30 years of sharing roping secrets to a new level with development of the Smarty Training System. With this system, customers don’t just rope like a champion. They think like one too. The Smarty Training System was designed to help team ropers in every aspect of their roping, including your attitude. Smarty Roping, LLC provides the tools and knowledge that help team ropers surpass their expectations. 


Four-time World Champion Team Roper, Allen, has helped grown several top companies in the industry. He spends his days developing innovative training products and methods that breed excellence. When Allen has time off, you’ll find him playing basketball with his sons, taking the family to the lake for a little waterskiing or being a fun-loving grandpa to five precious grandchildren. Allen treasures his family, which includes two daughters and two sons with his wife of over 30 years, Peggy. The unique training experience gained in conducting roping schools and raising his own children has made him one of the most sought-after mentors in team roping for beginners and pros alike. Knowledge aside, Allen truly loves helping and inspiring people. That’s why Smarty Roping exists.