Smarty FAQ

Got questions about your Smarty products? We've got you covered. If you don't find your answer below, get in touch and let us know.

Where can I get replacement parts for my Smarty?

For questions about replacement parts, give us a call at 1-888-908-9047.


If I am having trouble with any of my machines, what do I do?

For inquiries about troubleshooting, please call 1-888-908-9047 and ask for Tech Support.

How do I get my discount for being a member of the Smarty Young Pro Team or NHSRA?

If you are a Smarty Young Pro team member or a member of the NHSRA, please place your order online and leave your member information in the notes OR call 1-888-908-9047 to place your order over the phone. Once the order is placed, a discount will be refunded to you. 

Do you offer financing?

Yes! Smarty Roping has partnered with Affirm to offer financing options for Smarty customers. To learn more about your options, visit here. 


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