We had the recently had the opportunity to catch up with four members of the Smarty Young Pro Team. This week, we are joined by Hadley Dunnehoo of Reeves, Louisiana, JT Hill of Weatherford, Texas, Brooke Heinrichs of Wawanesa, Manitoba, and Chase Kellett of Picture Butte, Alberta.

Tell us a little about yourself and what all events do you compete in?

  • Hadley: Team Roping (heeler)

  • JT: Team Roping (header)

  • Brooke: Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Goat Tying, Breakaway Roping and Team Roping (heeler)

  • Chase: Team Roping (heeler)

At what age did you start riding?

  • Hadley: 3 years old

  • JT: I was riding on my parents lap at two months, I had a pony when I was little but I really started riding when I was 8 years old.

  • Brooke: 3 years old

  • Chase: I was 3 years old when I started riding. 

Who is your favorite pro rodeo athlete?

  • Hadley: Patrick Smith

  • JT: Tyson Durfey

  • Brooke: Jackie Crawford

  • Chase: My favorite professional rodeo athlete is Cory Petska 

How do you prepare yourself for an intense rodeo and school schedule?

  • Hadley: When preparing for a rodeo I work on horsemanship and my roping and for school. Get to bed at a good time and be prepared for the new thing I will learn. And I pray every night and morning to have a great day.

  • JT: I do virtual school, so I make sure that I am done with the day before so I have the day of the rodeo to focus and relax.

  • Brooke: I work very hard when I am at school and the days that I miss school for rodeo, I take my homework on the road with me. 

  • Chase: I prepare myself by getting a good sleep.

Tell us a little about your horse?

  • Hadley: My horse is a 7-year-old gelding we raised and trained on our ranch.

  • JT: Ghost is an awesome grey gelding. He’s a winner and he won the Jr. NFR in heading in 2018. We are blessed to have him and thankful Ty sold him to me.

  • Brooke: I compete on a twelve-year-old sorrel gelding named Badger, together we compete in Breakaway Roping, Team Roping, Goat Tying and he is also a finished cutter. We just recently purchased him and we have started to become quite the team!

  • Chase: I heel off a 6 year old gelding I call Dudley. I got him when he was 4 from a good friend. 

What songs gets you pumped up before a rodeo/roping?

  • Hadley: Hall of Fame

  • JT: Anything that is fast paced.

  • Brooke: Firework by Katie Perry and Stronger by Kelly Clarkson. 

  • Chase: I like to listen to the country channel or the rock channel on Sirius XM.

What’s your favorite meal on the road?

  • Hadley: McDonald’s chicken nuggets.

  • JT: Chick-fil-a Nuggets and McDonalds McGriddle

  • Brooke: Dairy Queen

  • Chase: My favorite meal is cheese burgers and ceaser salads 

What do you want to major in college?

  • Hadley: Process Technology 

  • JT: I am torn between Marine Corp and college right now.  

  • Brooke: I plan to attend rodeo college in Alberta, Canada and I plan on looking into the ag industry or vet assistant programs. 

What’s your favorite subject in school?

  • JT: History

  • Chase: My favorite subject in school is probably Math or shop class

You’re on the road a lot, when do you practice?

  • Hadley: I bring my pipes everywhere I go.

  • JT: Any moment I get, I always have a rope with me and I will rope a leaf if I have to. I have brought my rope to Hawaii, Germany and Israel.

  • Brooke: I practice roping during the week nights and I also practice when we get to rodeos before I compete. 

  • Chase: We usually try to rope twice a week at are arena. Monday and Wednesday. 

Who is your traveling partner(s):

  • Hadley: I travel by myself.

  • JT: Stevie Blackbird, and my mom and dad.

  • Brooke: My parents and our toy Australian shepherd. 

  • Chase: My traveling partner is Mike Miller. I also travel with my Dad.

What do you do when you are not rodeoing?

  • Hadley: I train colts.

  • JT: Practice and I like to learn about history.

  • Brooke: While I am not rodeoing I like to practice and go to barrel racing jackpots as well as go camping with my family. 

  • Chase: I enjoy playing video games when I am not rodeoing.

What’s your favorite thing about rodeoing?

  • Hadley: Wining and Socializing

  • JT: Seeing what I have done over and over in practice come to life in competition.

  • Brooke: My favorite thing about rodeo is competing with my friends and accomplishing my goals.

  • Chase: My Favorite thing about rodeo would have to be meeting a bunch of new people that I would not know if it wasn’t for rodeo. 

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