We had the recently had the opportunity to catch up with four members of the Smarty Young Pro Team. This week, we are joined by Georgia Orahood of Malta, Montana, Jesse Hantelman of Kyle, Saskatchewan, Kaden Schreuder of Pine, Colorado, and Koda Peterson of Delta, Utah.

Tell us a little about yourself and what all events do you compete in?

  • Georgia: Team Roping (heeler)

  • Jesse: Team Roping (heeler), Calf Roping

  • Kaden: Team Roping (Header, but I love heeling too!!)

  • Koda: Team Roping (heeler), Breakaway, Goats

At what age did you start riding?

  • Georgia: 3 years old

  • Jesse: I started riding since I could walk, mom and dad were always putting me on one of their horses, but I started riding roping and putting my own time in to it when I was about 12 or 11.

  • Kaden: I started riding in my mommy’s tummy, and by myself when I was 2.

  • Koda: I roped in my first rodeo off a horse at age 3. Our time was 6.2! I roped two feet and we won that Jr. Rodeo. 

Who is your favorite pro rodeo athlete?

  • Georgia: Joe Beaver

  • Jesse: Junior Nogueira and Paul Eaves

  • Kaden: Trevor Brazil

  • Koda: My brother, Hagen and Junior Nogueira and Jade Corkill

How do you prepare yourself for an intense rodeo and school schedule?

  • Georgia: On days I don’t practice I get my school work done right away, but when I do have practice, I practice in the day light after school and then do my school work once I’m done. We get to the rodeos on Friday and I get my school work done before the rodeo starts.  

  • Jesse: Usually what I try to do is think of what I need to do and things I need to get done for that day. And for rodeos would probably just being prepared 1 hour early go see when me and my partner are out and see what steer we got and ask who had that steer before and just be mentally prepared for the rodeo.

  • Kaden: I make sure I take the time to practice and be prepared. Prioritize school and rodeo practice

  • Koda: I just don’t think about it too seriously. I like to have fun and not get too keyed up, although my parents will tell you that I tend to rope better when I get mad! But mostly I just like to have fun!

Tell us a little about your horse?

  • Georgia: My horse Coco (Pepinicshotrod) is a registered Quarter Horse who I use in the breakaway, team roping, and goat tying. I got him in February of 2018 from Don Selle from Baker MT. When the rodeo season isn’t going on, he the horse I use most on the ranch because he can go all day and he’s really good to rope on outside. Coco is the gentlest we have so he’s always the go to for little kids and inexperienced riders. 

  • Jesse: I have two horses both are very amazing on the back end. Their names are Harry Troubles he is 13 years old and my another one is disco, and she is 16.

  • Kaden: I have a grey gelding named Casper, who we also call “White Lightening.” I use him for all my Little Britches events but he is best at heading. He has given me endless opportunity and always tries his hardest for me. He definitely knows his job well. I wouldn’t be where I am in my roping without him. 

  • Koda: Her name is Snooky. She is 7 years old. We found her in an older guys backyard and he sold her to us for $300 when she was only 3. My mom was SO mad when we brought her home because she looked like a little pot gutted pony. She was SO tiny! She’s turned out to be the best thing that’s ever happened to me and hunts the corner like nobody’s business! She also ropes breakaway calves pretty darn good!

What songs gets you pumped up before a rodeo/roping?

  • Georgia: I actually listen to music before and during my run, I listen to pump up songs every time but the songs change for every run. 

  • Jesse: Blind by Korn and Still Counting by Volbeat

  • Kaden: We always listen to Aaron Watson “Old Freight Train” on the way to rodeo.

  • Koda: The Big Dance, All I do is Win

What’s your favorite meal on the road?

  • Georgia: During rodeos I actually don’t eat because I will get sick, but when the rodeo is done I love getting Taco Bell.

  • Jesse: Most likely Subway or Tim Horton’s

  • Kaden: My favorite meal on the road is PB&J!

  • Koda: Chicken nuggets

What do you want to major in college?

  • Georgia: I plan on attending LCCC in Cheyenne Wy on a rodeo scholarship and pursuing a degree in Sonography.  

  • Jesse: I think I would most likely be interested in history or animal science  

What’s your favorite subject in school?

  • Jesse: History and English have always been my favorite subjects mostly history.

  • Kaden: My favorite subject in school is science. 

  • Koda: I just like to get home from school as fast as I can so I can saddle horses! I got a while until I think about college. I’m only in fourth grade.

You’re on the road a lot, when do you practice?

  • Georgia: I ground tie and rope my dummy every day, On Mondays my horses get the day off but on Tuesdays and Thursdays I rope live cattle and on Wednesdays I do dismounts for goat tying. 

  • Jesse: Monday, Wednesday, and late night on Thursdays

Who is your traveling partner(s):

  • Georgia: I either travel with my mom or by myself

  • Jesse: With CCA rodeos there are about 5 of us in the semi but with the high school rodeos it's just me, mom and dad.

What do you do when you are not rodeoing?

  • Georgia: I help out on the ranch or I’m at school. 

  • Jesse: Usually riding horses roping the dummy and hanging out with friends.

  • Koda: I rope. That’s about all I do. I REALLY like it when my brother comes home and I get to rope with him!

What’s your favorite thing about rodeoing?

  • Georgia: Getting to see all my friends or traveling to different places.

  • Jesse: I really don’t know where to start. I guess if I had to choose something, it would be seeing new faces and meeting new people as well as the rush you get when you enter the team roping box. There’s just so many things that I love about the rodeo world.

  • Koda: Winning and getting better, making friends and having fun.

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