Smarty the Steer

Designed for a purpose.

Smarty is the only trainer of its kind to be totally designed by a 4x World Champion, Allen Bach. After contributing to the evolution of another roping machine for almost 15 years, he decided in 2010 to engineer the perfect training tool.


After 30 years of research and almost two years of testing, he launched the first Smarty in October 2011. Since then, Smarty has been titled the “pro’s” machine. Learn why:


Realistic dallying

Dallying on a Smarty feels just like dallying on a steer. There are three springs that create the smooth, non-jerk pull you feel. First the Smarty’s legs come together and then they pull back like a real steer. Lastly, the spring loaded tow hitch will extend on those high speed runs. In all there is four feet of stretch capacity when you dally on Smarty.

Realistic legs

Realistic corner for heelers

Smarty stands head and shoulders above the competition because it travels through the corner like a live steer. The tow bar allows for a lot of stretch when you dally instead of hitting hard, to keep your horse in the same position. Smarty is the only trainer that gives you a true corner. Competitors’ machines cut the corner when it turns, forcing you to compensate by adjusting your position. With Smarty, you can ride in the same position as you would in a live run.


We stayed away from the slippery feel that you get with plastic, hollow legs. Smarty is the only machine with solid legs that are shaped like a steer. When your top strand hits the legs, it reacts exactly the same as it does on a real steer, no slipping or artificial noise.


Easy to pull

Smarty’s light-weight design rides on wide skis, preventing your ATV from taking the wear and tear you would get with heavier machines. Over the years, that savings adds up.

Turn-loose horns

These aren’t your normal turn-loose horns. Smarty’s horns break away from any direction. Only with Smarty can headers make a full run and when they face, the rope will pop off from the front.

Simple, tool-free assembly
& disassembly

Your Smarty machine arrives fully assembled. All you have to do is put 5 pins in, and you are ready to rope in minutes. Have you ever wanted to take your roping dummy apart and take it with you? With Smarty, pull a few pins and you can load it in your truck or trailer by yourself. You won’t throw out your back, either. The heaviest part weighs less than 60 pounds. When you go on the road, Smarty will fit in a small SUV and even some cars.

Realistic head

Sculpted to mimic the real thing, no other machine has the size and shape of a live steer. Headers are raving about how the Smarty head feels when you rope it and pull your slack.


Removable body

Smarty is all you need for any practice session. As a
3-in-1 removable body, you can take the Smarty body off and rope it on the ground for heading, heeling and roping the sled. The body was perfectly designed as a ground dummy. Just lift the handle and off it comes. At 30 pounds, almost anyone can do it. 

Give Smarty a test drive

Learn more about Smarty and the opportunity to rope one before you buy one.
Feel free to contact an ambassador near you.