Smarty Young Pro Team

Smarty Roping – For the cowboy today and tomorrow. Our Young Pros are prime examples of how far hard work, determination and humbleness will take you. Congratulations to our 2020 Smarty Young Pro team members! We are proud of our Young Pros and look forward to working with each and every one of them.

There's a champion inside us all.

Blake Afdahl

Gus Albertson

Kate Albertson

Katie Anderson

Morgan Anderson

Mason Appleton

Kaegen Ashkar

Morgan Barnes

Brice Beene

Zack Berger

Bryson Berry

Tate Bishop

Beretta Bradford

Brit Bradford

Tanner Brown

Grace Bryant

Jet Cartwright

Kruz Cartwright

Houston Childers

Laramie Collen

Dally Jo Creech

Luke Crompton

Lucas Cruz

Kaston Davis

Randon Davis

Eli Day

Wyatt Day

Kreece Dearing

Reign Dobbins

Hadley Dunnehoo

Livvie Eissens

Callum Farrell

Brayden Filmore

Grant Foster

Cooper Fowler

Cort Gambino

Gracie Gambino

Dalton Garey

Trey Garey

Stetson Garza

Owen Gibson

John Nolen Gohagan

Trinity Gonzales

Lyvan Gonzales

Ryan Gorham

Morgan Hancock

Jesse Hantelman

Samuel Hartle

Adam Harvey

Corey Hastings

Keyton Hayden

Brooke Heinrichs

Cooper Hill

Jake Hill

Carson Hillman

Bodie Hine

John Hisel

Braxton Hughes

Houston Hull

Jace Hurlburt

Clayton Huston

Dalton Huston

Brayden Israel

Ty Jacobs

Tanner James-Gonzales

Ty Johnson

Wyatt Jones

Trisyn Kalawai'a

Wyatt Kanan

Chase Kellett

Kyla Kelly

Kenzie Kelton

Ketch Kelton

Haygen Kogianes

Clare Kohl

Ella Lawton

Kaylee Lee

Kristen Lee

Grant Lindsley

JC Lucero

Tyler Lucero

Garrett Lynch

Kyle Erik Mahone

Bryce Martin

Couy McBride

Sam McBride

Cole McCorkle

Jaycee McKean

Brayson McMillian

Rankin McMillian

Garrett Miller

Weston Mills

Daniel Miranda

Elizabeth Miranda

Chase Montague

Dekin Montgomery

Samuel Moody

Bailey Mowen

Laci Murray

Jacie Naprstek

Rylee Naprstek

Tanner Naylor

Trevor Naylor

Brody Neely

Georgia Orahood

Gracie Osborne

Makayla Osborne

Levi Parker

Ryleigh Parker

Carson Payton

Sid Petersen

Koda Peterson

Hagen Peterson

Luke Phillips

Colt Piazza

Kendal Pierson

Kaden Prince

Marlee Quarles

Stone Reeves

Pepper Rhyne

Jack Robbins

Nathan Ruth Jr.

Tanner Scheeval

Kaden Schreuder

Ryan Sheperd

Cy Singer

Shaelene Singer

Sherina Singer

Cole Smith

Riley Smith

SJ Sonnefelt

Clint Southworth

Bode Spring

Anela Stewart

Zackary Stone

Tyson Strake

Jackson Sykes

Bryce Teut

Hadley Teut

Carsyn Tharp

Cash Tharp

Conner Thiel

Sage Thomas

Cutter Thomison

Shiloh Thomison

Boedy Thompson

Hadley Thompson

Haiden Thompson

Burgan Torgerson

Annsley Vernon

Cole Vernon

Cooper Walker

Emma Rae Ward

Walker Warkentin

Matt Watt

Cassidy San Weber

Beau West

Creed West

Montanna Wilkinson

Kruz Williams

Sylais York

Hessten Zack

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Smarty Young Pro Camp 2020

*In an effort to keep everyone healthy including our Smarty staff, our Young Pro members and their families, we will NOT be meeting in Guthrie, Oklahoma this Spring for our camp scheduled in May. Instead, Smarty is excited to host the first ever VIRTUAL Young Pro Camp via a live feed online. Provided will be many of the same instructional roping lessons from Smarty founder, Allen Bach, along with devotional time, mentorship, and special guest speakers. 


Stay tuned for more information on new dates and times. For questions, comments or concerns regarding the virtual camp, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this time.