Smarty Young Pro Team

Smarty Roping – For the cowboy today and tomorrow. Our Young Pros are prime examples of how far hard work, determination and humbleness will take you. Congratulations to our 2020 Smarty Young Pro team members! We are proud of our Young Pros and look forward to working with each and every one of them.

Smarty Young Pro applications are closed for the 2021 season. Make sure to follow our social media channels for updates on our Smarty Young Pro team! 

2020 Smarty Young Pros

Morgan Barnes

Brinley Becker

Bryson Berry 

Evan Bourdan 

Caleb Brown 

Emma Carrell 

Jet Cartwright 

Luke Crompton 

Reign Dobbins 

Caden Drake

Caleb Dunn

Jessie Ferguson 

Trey Garey

Owen Gibson 

Denton Hale

JT Hill

Ty Johnson 

Kyla Kelly 

Ella Lawton

Garrett Lynch


Cole McCorkle 

Harley Meged 

Quinn Merica

Daniel Miranda 

Caleb Morris 

Jayden Morris 

Gus Mosley 

Ashley Parker

Levi Parker 

Meli Pennington

Sally Poteat 

Kaylee Sharpe 

SJ Sonnenfelt 

Tyson Stracke

Conner Thiel 

Sage Thomas 

Kale Turner 

Emma Ward

Walker Warkentin 

Corbin Wilkinson